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2016, it's been a pleasure

From Brexit to the US Presidential election, 2016 has been a turbulent year for many but as the year comes to an end we think it is important to look at all the positive points. We have been reflecting on the highlights for the Smart 1 team and gathered just a few:

1. Promotion Our longest standing team member, Georgina, was promoted to Senior Recruitment Advisor.
2. Growth The Smart 1 team grew with the addition of Jamie McGinn who was brought on board to focus on our skilled and permanent recruitment together with the Smart 1 brand.
3. Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We launched our blog in August to share our thoughts and feelings on the industry with our candidates, clients and followers.
4. New arrival We welcomed a new ‘Smartie’ to the tribe, Rue was born on 31st August 2016.
5. Skilling up No matter how long you have been in recruitment, there are always new things to learn. Our Director Mike gained his Manual Handling "Train the Trainer" qualification which means he can support our clients and candidates in ensuring that we all give the right manual handling advice and guidance going forward.
6. Happy temps 2016 saw continued success and delight with our temp of the month reward scheme. Each month we ask our clients if they would like to nominate any of their temps for this reward. The reward is given to temps that have worked particularly well or gone above and beyond. Throughout 2016, 21 of our lovely temps were nominated and presented with their rewards to show our appreciation.
7. Happy Clients We were delighted to receive some fantastic testimonials throughout the year from our lovely clients, it really means a lot that they enjoy working with us as much as we do with them, to see a selection, click here and scroll down to the testimonials section. We were also extremely pleased to welcome many new clients on board in 2016 and look forward to developing these partnerships further through 2017 and beyond.

When thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, it’s very easy to think of all the things you didn’t do or things that didn’t go well. Make sure you spare a minute to think of all of your achievements and highlights too.

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our candidates and clients!"