Temp of the Month

To us, our candidates are as important as our clients and we believe in rewarding a job well done. We are the only recruitment agency in Redditch to operate a monthly reward scheme for our #Smart1Temps temporary workers!

Each month we ask our clients to nominate one (but we are delighted to see what we always get more than one!!) of our workers who has gone above and beyond in their assignment, proving to be dedicated, reliable and hard working. In appreciation, we reward and recognise this with a 'Temp of the Month' bonus. 

Congratulations to all of our deserved winners so far...

December 2023 Simon

"Simon has been brilliant and is always very hardworking, reliable and consistent."

November 2023 Andzelika

"Andzelika is hard working and never has any time off, is always punctual, very motivated and you do not need to tell her to do anything - she takes her own initiative. She also has a good attitude and is a pleasure to have on shift."

October 2023 Mark

"Mark's timekeeping is always excellent, always arriving on time for work. His attendance is perfect and he works very consistently."

September 2023 Wioleta

"Wioleta came to us with a great attitude to work; within one week her wrapping speed was impressive. It took Wioleta less than four weeks to learn all the processes and get signed off! Which is totally amazing."

September 2023 Ethan

"Ethan has always been a hard working candidate since he started. He is always very helpful and a valuable member of the team."

August 2023 Richard

"Richard is always hard working, diligent in every task, always arriving to work very early, and has recently performed new tasks that we have assigned to him, with enthusiasm and commitment."

August 2023 Usama

"Usama is a lovely man who is very hard working. He always tries his very best and has fitted in well as part of the team. In just a few weeks Usama has progressed a great deal. Keep up the good work Usama!"

July 2023 Jakub

"Jakub is friendly to everyone and always follows procedures and protocols. He is very helpful towards our other team members and works efficiently. He is really dedicated to his job and works very well within our team."

July 2023 Pierce

"Since he has started, he has been keen to learn all aspects of the Job. He has put himself forward to stay over and come in early on his own behalf to help out when we have been busy. He is a hard worker and gets the job done in a professional manner and never leaves a job unfinished."

July 2023 Angela

"Angela has come into the business and hit the ground running and she has had some great input to help the company move forward that has impressed us all."

June 2023 Michael

"He has shown a great aptitude to the glazing line where he has been working. He is always willing to put in the overtime, both during the normal weekdays and at the weekend."

June 2023 Ethan

"Ethan is always happy to help out and take on extra responsibilities. Ethan’s time keeping is always amazing and always gives 100% effort in his work!"

May 2023 Ross

"Ross is super reliable and hardworking, he is always happy to go above and beyond in his job role to help everyone around him. His work is amazing and he just gets on with what needs doing."

April 2023 Alex

"Alex started with a great work ethic, going above and beyond his job role. He got stuck in and gave 100%, learnt the job very fast and pushes himself to do better. His wrap timings after a few weeks' training were exceptional. Normally it would take months to build up to his speed! He is a very pleasant and friendly man, and I am glad he is part of my team."

March 2023 Veronica

"The quality of her work is outstanding. She is also very polite and doesn’t stop working during her shift. Her time keeping is perfect!"

February 2023 Paul

"Paul has been with us a few months and has proved to be an excellent individual. He has interacted with the team well and everyone likes his can-do attitude. Paul undertakes all tasks given to him to a high standard and is learning the requirements of the business and job quickly. I would have no hesitation in awarding Paul Temp of the month."

February 2023 Cameron

"I know that we nominated Cameron last month, but again this month he has been outstanding in his work ethic. He has willingly covered for another member of staff whilst also performing his own duties, all with a 'no problem at all' attitude."

February 2023 Callum

"We would like to nominate Callum for temp of the month as he has a fantastic work ethic and has been nominated by all the shop floor supervision."

February 2023 Dominika

"Dominika is quick and willing to learn, conscientious, confident and works well within the team. She is effective and Efficient at all tasks."

February 2023 Anthony

"We have a guy who is head and shoulders above the rest here at HSH and that’s Anthony! Since joining the company, he has taken on board all the work given to him as well as making himself popular with the lads here. His time keeping is perfect, he's never late and always ready to start as soon as he arrives. He always has a smile on his face and never moans about doing his job."