Temp of the Month

To us, our candidates are as important as our clients and we believe in rewarding a job well done. We are the only recruitment agency in Redditch to operate a monthly reward scheme for our #Smart1Temps temporary workers!

Each month we ask our clients to nominate one (but we are delighted to see what we always get more than one!!) of our workers who has gone above and beyond in their assignment, proving to be dedicated, reliable and hard working. In appreciation, we reward and recognise this with a 'Temp of the Month' bonus. 

Congratulations to all of our deserved winners so far...

July 2021 James

"He has come in most weekends to help out the warehouse. He already has very good knowledge of the job he is doing and how the area operates. He is also willing to swap shifts at the drop of a hat to help out when needed. He also gets on very well with the associates he works with."

July 2021 Mark

"I’m really happy about his work and the progress he has made. Always trying his best. He cares about the housekeeping and he never has a problem with given tasks. And the most important thing - he is a good team player, always willing to help the others. Good attitude to work."

June 2021 Emanuel

“I would like to nominate Emanuel for his commitment to work, accuracy, regularity, helpfulness and colleagues. Fantastic work ethic.”

June 2021 Sian

"Sian has worked diligently to transition office paper records to electronic records. This has greatly impacted the office layout with the associated increased space. Due to Sian’s work there is also an improved efficiently in finding records. Sian is very professional in her work and has a great attitude being willing to help when asked to complete other work with in the office."

June 2021 Caitlin

"I found Cait to be warm and friendly, easy to get along with, she is punctual, polite and she has settled in nicely with the team. Cait has been willing to listen, learn and try out new skills. We all make mistakes especially when training / learning new skills and I have found Cait to be accountable, hold her hand up if she makes mistakes, learn from them and listen to guidance. She always states that she is very happy with the role and enjoys working at STI."

June 2021 Norbert

“100% Norbert, great positive attitude, eager to learn, very proactive and what’s most important a Team Player.”

May 2021 John

"He is extremely helpful and works over time when we ask him. His attendance is excellent and work ethics are great."

May 2021 Marta

"Marta has done a great job, always cheerful and completes her role competently."

May 2021 Zena

"Comes in early and stays late if required. She has learnt the job requirements quickly and she works incredibly hard. Always willing to help a colleague if needed. She always is first to sign up for overtime. Absolute diamond."

May 2021 Daniela

"All the time she`s doing what I ask her, including overtime. Gets on with training straight away, she`s very dedicated to her job."

May 2021 Natalija

"Natalija has been excellent and continues to work to a high standard since she joined Bee. Good work ethics, always on time and flexible to support the Business when we requested."

May 2021 Lauren

"Lauren has been excellent and continues to work to a high standard since she joined Bee. Good work ethics, always on time and flexible to support the Business when we requested."

April 2021 Dawid

"We knew he was a brilliant worker as soon as he started, very reliable and always goes above and beyond to get the job done."

April 2021 Aiden

"Excellent welding skills, never shy’s away from hard work and is a fantastic addition to the team."

April 2021 Gyldzhan

"Great, positive attitude towards work and colleagues. Fantastic work ethic."

April 2021 Angelika

"She is a nice person, works very well in a team, helpful, excellent effort."

March 2021 Beverley

"Beverley is an asset to the team and never lets us down."

March 2021 Szabina

"A very hard worker with a proactive attitude."

March 2021 Russell

"Russell is a reliable worker who never misses a beat!"

March 2021 Lynn

"Always gives 100%, can always count on Lynn to get the job done."

February 2021 Matt

‘’Matt is a skilled, capable and polite person. He has been a massive part of our new project here at Sunvast. We can’t thank him enough for his efforts and determination.’’

February 2021 Mihai

‘’Mihai has been exceptional for us, his adaptability and work ethic is second to none. We really appreciate all his hard work and consider him a vital member of the team.’’

February 2021 Klaudia

‘’Klaudia is an excellent worker and well mannered. She’s never had any problems on any job we’ve assigned to her."

February 2021 Luke

‘’Luke is a hardworking and ambitious worker. He’s always happy to help and eager to learn new skills."

January 2021 Dave

"Dave has settled in to the team brilliantly, he is a hard-working and dedicated individual."

January 2021 Vanessa

"Vanessa is a friendly, polite and punctual person. She has settled in nicely with the team. Vanessa has been willing to listen, learn and try out new skills - we are very pleased with her progress!"

January 2021 Simon

"Simon is proving to be a very valuable member of the team. We are even now starting to send him on courses to further his understanding of our works."

December 2020 Barry

"Barry is a keen and motivated worker. Always goes the extra mile! We appreciate all his hard work and cannot thank him enough."

December 2020 Simon

"Simon has learned how to set and operate our largest machine in a very short amount of time doing overtime to ensure maximum training time. He is also covering weekends to help the business meet demands. He deserves this recognition for all his hard work!"

November 2020 Usman

"Usman always arrive early and works right up to the end of their shift or later. He is very approachable and has been with us since the beginning. We have never had an issue with him and the standards are great! It has been a pleasure to have him on site."

November 2020 Keri

"Keri has been brilliant, he always does overtime to help out every week, he has been a big help! He is definitely worthy of this reward."

November 2020 Tom

"Tom is a very quick learner, we show him once and he takes that and runs with it, very good for productivity. He was placed in one of our very difficult and busy areas, and he is basically the conscience of that department now, and I feel it is in safe hands with Tom in there"

November 2020 Damien

"Since Damien has started he’s been a great help, he just gets stuck in! We appreciate all his hard work!"

November 2020 Michael

"For many weeks now Michael has shown a real willingness to learn new things in the business. He has really got stuck in with the work. We supply the automotive sector and requirements have been volatile to say the least, where we have been pushed to get work out, he has applied himself extremely well, and worked alongside our permanent staff very well acting as one of the team."

November 2020 Ryan

"Ryan has a great work ethic, is very quality conscious and an excellent worker often exceeding hourly targets."

October 2020 Eileen

"Eileen will do anything you ask and always to a high standard, she goes above and beyond her normal duties. She is more than worthy of this award!"

October 2020 Simon

"Simon is really hard working and has fitted in very well into our business and works very hard with the engineer he is working with. He is always happy to set off a bit earlier if the business requires and is smart and an excellent time keeper. He’s popular with staff and customers alike."

October 2020 Kevin

"Brian is working out very well, he is hard working and will always do extra if asked."