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How to choose the right agency for your business

Choosing the right agency for your business is not an exact science. Different businesses have different priorities, so what may be considered the most important criteria for one business, may be slightly less important to another.

That being said, we believe using the list below will help guide you towards making the right decision! 

The first step, an open frame of mind... 

Some recruitment agencies have earned the industry a bad reputation but it is important that you enter into the selection process with a positive mindset understanding that not all recruitment agencies are the same. Recruitment is changing and many agencies, like us, are embracing an industry shake up where endless sales calls are no more and client / agency relationships are built on mutual respect and trust, providing bespoke services to achieve the best results for your business.

In no particular order, here are five points that will help you with the selection process...

1. Location
This is one factor that will either be at the top of your list, or not factor at all but it is important to consider. For example, if you're an international company offering specialist services in various locations, you may not be concerned about the location of your agency, whereas if you are a small business who have a high demand for short-term / temporary staff, you may prefer your agency to be local and have a strong grasp on the local labour pool. The location of your agency will also have an influence on the type of working relationship you have, a local agency has the added advantage of being able to spend time within your business and really get to know it beyond the job spec.

2. Experience
Experience could mean a number of things. Typically businesses see industry experience as the highest priority but it is important to consider other forms of experience such as the level of overall recruitment experience, experience within the local market and experience in other aspects of business such as HR as these can all be valuable attributes in a recruitment partner.

3. Fees
Often the first criteria on everyone's list. Fees are without a doubt an important factor when choosing your recruitment partner, however it is important to remember that its not all about the money and look passed the fees themselves. In the same way that you might question a premium product being sold at a fraction of the RRP price, take a moment to consider the value as opposed to the 'price'. Always be sure to look at the fees in line with the terms surrounding those fees, for example is there a rebate period on offer should the hire prove unsuccessful? A cheap fee with no rebate allowance leaves your business more exposed to risk and can cost you more in the long run. Effective recruitment, that may be a little more expensive, leads to high levels of retention and therefore less frequent recruitment costs, saving your business money in the long term.

4. Values
You can often tell a lot about a company by looking at their company values. Their values will tell you what kind of company they are, what they believe in. If your companies align in terms of values, it is most likely that you will work well together. 

5. Reputation
The most important factor of them all. They might be able to talk the talk, but have they proven they can walk the walk? Most agencies should be able to supply you with testimonials or a reference client for you to contact, and that is where the real proof lies.

There is no set formula in choosing the best agency for your business, but use this list as a guide, first ranking each criteria in order of importance to you. You can then assess your shortlist against each area and have a helping hand in making the right choice.