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It’s holiday season. Time for a break?

Been feeling a bit grumpy lately? Then maybe you need a holiday. Summer is here after all (no really, it is) so booking yourself onto the next flight out of here could be just what you need. It’s a proven fact that taking a break from your everyday life is crucial to give your brain time off from the stresses and strains, and can massively lift your mood.

Nice idea, can’t afford it.

Ok, so that all sounds fantastic but there is one problem; ‘getting away from it all’ costs money and if you are anything like us then you had great intentions of regularly putting money into The Holiday Fund, but it actually got spent on other things. Sound familiar? Well don’t completely despair, because we’re here to tell you that you can still book that get-away, without breaking the bank.

Play the discount game

You might be pleasantly surprised by the amount of discounts you can take advantage of if you shop around. See what offers are out there for groups, families, students, young people and over 65s, as finding the right discount, offer or incentive can make a holiday plausible for even the tightest of budgets.

Little by little

Some travel companies offer a payment package for your holiday so you can book it now and pay it off in chunks right up until the day you go. It’s that simple. So although you don’t have the money right now, think about how much you could spare from your income each week and that will open up a world (literally) of possibilities for your travel plans.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Most people think that jumping on a plane is the best way to get away, but it’s not always the cheapest choice. Do some comparisons between planes, trains, coaches and ferries. Yes they may take longer, but it may be well worth it for the cash you can save, and besides, who says travelling can’t be the most fun part of the holiday?

Be travel savvy

Now you have decided on your mode of transport, search for the cheapest options. Generally people like to fly at ‘normal’ times of day so, of course, those tickets are going to be pricier. Pick the flight/crossing/trip that is in the middle of the night on a midweek day and you are guaranteed to save money.

 Location location location

When booking accommodation, don’t just search for the best cost per night, look at where it is located in terms of the airport, the beach, shops and nightlife. Choosing accommodation that is within walking distance of all of these will save you having to pay for airport transfers, hiring a car or taxis. If you have to go somewhere that is not within walking distance, check out the local bus service.

 Go without a pool

Say whaaaaaaaaattt?! Yes, for some people not having a pool on holiday sounds like it wouldn’t be a holiday at all, but hotels with pools are so much more expensive than ones without. Look for hotels with a communal pool within walking distance that you can use, or one that is close to the beach. Sea swimming = free swimming.

Pet hotel

If you are going to be away for a week or two then you can’t leave your pets home alone, but pet boarding fees can really put a dent in your spending money. Solution: find a family member or good friend who fancies petsitting for you. They get to move into your home while you’re away, feed the furry housemates and take full advantage of your Netflix account, all the while saving you cash. 

Eat in

This one is a no-brainer really; if you are on a budget then eating out at every meal is going to make your Euros disappear muy rapido. Instead, hit the supermarket and stock up your fridge. BBQing, eating bread and cheese all day, living on crisps and cheap local delicacies are perfectly acceptable things to be doing on holiday.

Drink the local booze

Not that we condone it of course 😊 but if you like a tipple then you can save oodles of cash by buying the local booze. Ask for the draft beer or the house wine, stick to the options that the locals are guzzling and you will halve your bar bill.

Well there we have it - not only is a holiday a necessity, but it’s possible on a shoe-string - so start planning a well-earned break today (with a little help from our budgeting tips) and you can get over your mid-year slump with a good old re-charge of the batteries.