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Spotlight on success

The first in our series of client stories is a spotlight on success with one of our longest standing clients, Tamlite Lighting.

Tamlite Lighting are one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the UK and have nine manufacturing facilities in Telford and Redditch, one of which being the Tamlite Amenity factory. After working with us for close to three years, Jon, Business Manager, wanted to share their experience.

If you could describe Smart 1 in three words, what would they be?

Service, reliability and understanding.

Jon stressed that understanding is key. In order for an agency to be most effective, they have to gain a deep understanding of your business. It is this understanding that leads to successful screening and selection. 

Beyond the initial recruitment process, retention is just as important. As an agency we continue to keep in touch with our workers to see how they are getting on in their assignment and reward their hard work with our Temp of the Month reward scheme, but retention is also largely down to the client.

Promoting progression

Beyond providing a good working environment, Tamlite pride themselves on being a family concerned company that believes in retaining good people and helping their workers to grow and develop. 

It is this ethos paired with our selection process that has lead to some fantastic success stories within the business.


Both our current Production and Dispatch Supervisors were placed by Smart 1 and started their journey with us on the factory floor. They have since worked hard and we have took great pleasure in promoting them through the ranks to reach supervisory positions.

Tamlite have ample progression opportunities within the business, from the factory floor, through to supervisory positions and then moving across to the office. We are proud to work with a company that not only offers a great working environment but also a future progression path for local individuals.


Secret to a strong relationship

So, we asked Jon, what is the secret to a successful client / agency relationship? 

You have to work WITH your agency and build a relationship to get the best results. The smart 1 team have taken the time to get involved with our business and really get to know us. They often go above and beyond to ensure our staffing needs are met - a perfect example would be a member of the Smart 1 team rolling up their sleeves and coming in to do a day of work for us when we were short staffed!

We echo Jon's thoughts and believe that recruitment agencies should work in partnership with their clients in order to give them the best service and ultimately find the right people for their company.

Working in partnership with our clients also has huge benefits for our workers as we understand which companies will be best suited to their skills.

Thank you to Tamlite, and especially Jon, for being a part of this article. Here's to the continuation of a long and successful relationship!

If you are looking for help or advice on your recruitment process, please call us on 01527 758 320 or email [email protected], we'd love to hear from you!