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Why should you become a Temp?

Call us biased, but we think there are loads of benefits to being a Smart 1 Temp! Not only do you get to work for some of our very best clients in some great working environments, but you might even be rewarded for good work as our Temp of The Month...

In all seriousness, temp work can be great for a number of reasons and can suit all sorts of people. Whether you are a parent looking for work now the kids are at school, you are undecided on a long-term career, want a bit of variety, or you just love the flexibility and fun of temporary work, becoming a Temp is the obvious choice.

Over the years we have built up quite a reputation for filling temporary roles, and we are getting more and more enquiries all the time, so the amount of jobs available to our Temps is ever-increasing. We have built up some incredible relationships with local employers who know that our Temps are reliable, trustworthy and keen to do a really good job. In return, our Temps can enjoy access to a range of great roles, safe, secure and well paid employment that often includes numerous other benefits. 

We’ve recently started up another scheme to benefit our Temps, which is the Refer a Friend scheme. If you are a registered Temp with us, refer a mate who is looking for employment too and if they successfully start working for one of our clients, you will receive a lovely little bonus in your pay packet from us. 

And of course you have heard of our Temp of The Month awards?! This started off as an excuse for us to go out and deliver goodies to unsuspecting hard workers, but has grown into a really wonderful monthly treat that our clients enjoy just as much as the Temps themselves! It gives our clients the opportunity to nominate someone for especially good work, and for the worker to get a pat on the back and some yummy chocolates. We absolutely love our TOTM scheme and it really puts a smile on our faces every month when the nominations come in.

If you want to be a part of it all, then let us know! The process is simple: get in contact via the website, email or give us a call and tell us that you are looking for work. We will see what we have got that is relevant to you and when you can start. We will then invite you in to register with us face to face (we’re a friendly bunch, so don’t be scared) and then if all goes well you can start work in as little as a day or so. 

So if you want to join our brilliant team of Smart 1 Temps then have a chat to us today about what you are keen to do, what skills you have and, more importantly, how much you want to win Temp of The Month!